The Kensington and Chelsea Forum  
for Older Residents

The independent forum for the older residents of the Royal Borough

The Kensington & Chelsea Directory

Reach a very targeted market of residents of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea 
​​ Circulation of the Directory ------------------------10,000
Readership of the Directory -------------------------35,000
Average Property Value in K & C -------------------£1.3 million
Average Income in K & C ----------------------------£160,000
Private health-care users in K & C ------------------89%
Pensioners owning own homes in UK -------------53%
Over 50s worth in UK ( ------------£6.2 trillion
Private pension wealth in UK -----------------------£4.52 trillion
Total expenditure of over 50s in UK ---------------£320 billion/year

Sources: Saga Investment Services/ONS/Guardian

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