Desi Wellnes

We provide services of life coaching help with weight loss accompanied with a balanced diet. We also provide healthy Indian cookery classes online or in person and can help you organise super-healthy dinner parties. 


Please contact us for an appointment if you are looking to make a positive change to your health and wellbeing. 


Please email me at: info@desiwellness.co.uk


Your Health & Wellness Matter

In order to improve the quality of your life, you will need to improve your health and wellbeing. Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to reduce stress, prevent illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal wellness. 

You can apply a wellness approach towards your environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, and creative activities. Applying wellness in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and allow you to live your life with passion and purpose. 

Visit us at  www.desiwellness.co.uk