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The Golden Hind

St Mary Overie's Dock, Cathedral Street, SE1 9DE


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The Queen's Pirate

Join us on the Golden Hind, the 16th-century Elizabethan ship for an exclusive private party with prosecco and canapés, and hear the legends of the ship and its captain, Sir Frances Drake.  Meet the renowned folklorist Sophia Kingshill who will talk about Sir Frances Drake and the legends of the coast

The Golden Hind was the first British ship to circumnavigate the world between 1577 and 1580. Its captain, Sir Frances Drake was financed by Queen Elizabeth I to travel to the Spanish Main to loot and plunder Spanish ships, acting as a privateer and a pirate. Celebrated folklorist Sophia Kingshill will be present to meet you and to talk about the legends connected with Sir Frances Drake and other myths and customs surrounding the coastline of the British Isles.



Pirates and smugglers, ghost ships and sea-serpents, fishermen’s prayers and sailors’ rituals – the coastline of the British Isles plays host to an astonishingly rich variety of local legends, customs, and superstitions. Was there ever such a beast as the monstrous Kraken? Did a Welsh prince discover America, centuries before Columbus? What happened to the missing crew of the Mary Celeste? Sophia Kingshill will recount the stories that are an integral part of our coastal heritage, such as the tale of Drake’s Drum, said to be heard when England was in peril, and the mythical island of Hy Brazil, which for centuries appeared on sea charts and maps to the west of Ireland.  Join us on this fascinating, often surprising journey through our island history. Ms. Kingshill will sign her book The Fabled Coast especially for you.




Drake's Drum

Drake's Drum is a snare drum that Sir Francis Drake took with him when he circumnavigated the world. Shortly before he died he ordered the drum to be taken to his home, Buckland Abbey, Devon and vowed that if England were ever in danger and someone was to beat the drum he would return to defend the country.

Elizabethan maritime expansion involved using privateers to loot and plunder enemy merchant ships in an attempt to decimate the trade of enemy nations. These privateers were really pirates and often looted and plundered non-enemy ships for their own gain. Sir Frances Drake was a hero to the English but was a pirate to the Spanish who would have hanged him had they caught him.

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The Golden Hind

Pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy

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Our Events

A unique way to experience Britain's historic sites


Britain has some of the most intriguing and important historic sites in the world, many of them listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can tour some of these magnificent sites privately when they are closed to the public after a 3-course dinner or reception with celebrity guests and speakers - a truly unique and elegant way to experience Britain's historic sites.

For example, you can wine and dine in the Tower of London’s Jewel House and then take a private tour of the breathtaking Crown Jewels guided by one of the Beefeaters.


The Tower of London is one of England’s oldest buildings dating back to 1078. It has a colourful history, having served as a notorious prison where such people as Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth I (when still a princess) and Sir Walter Raleigh had been imprisoned.


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Another example is an exclusive 3-course lunch and tour of the Houses of Parliament – the seat of the British Government. This will include a prosecco reception, a three-course lunch with wine with celebrity guests and important historic speakers. Guests will follow in the footsteps of political history as they explore Westminster Hall, St Stephens Hall and both the Commons and the Lords debating chambers on a guided tour by an expert guide or Member of Parliament (this is not a private tour). 

Some of our VIP event venues

  • Houses of Parliament

  • Tower of London Crown Jewels

  • Hampton Court Palace

  • Kensington Palace

  • Tower Bridge

  • The Golden Hind

  • Westminster Abbey

  • The Cutty Sark

  • St Paul's Cathedral

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Our Events

A unique way to experience Britain's history