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Win £25,000!

The Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum's lottery offers a fantastic opportunity to support a worthy cause while also having a chance to win a £25,000 jackpot and prizes every week. By purchasing a ticket, you are not only contributing to the betterment of our community but also participating in a fun and potentially rewarding experience. Join us in making a positive impact and possibly winning big – it's a win-win opportunity for everyone involved!


Only £1 to Enter!

Join our lottery weekly draw for only £1 a week.

You have great chances at winning prizes with this lottery and you will also be supporting our work and making sure we can continue to bring you great and informative events and give you the support and help you deserve. 



DALL·E 2023-12-26 10.29.15 - Design a11111111 logo for a fictional lottery named 'Win Our


135 Notting Hill Gate

Kensington W11 3LB

Tel: 020 3719 4954

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