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Our Activities


Please contact us on 0203 719 4954 to join our membership or for more information about our events

Our activities are open to our members of the Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum. Membership offers a plethora of benefits tailored to enrich the lives of older adults in the community. With a diverse range of activities and topics, members can expect to engage in stimulating events focused on various aspects of life, ensuring both personal growth and social connection. For our events in March, April and May please check our Events Page.

Here's what are events encompass:


  • Access to Over 140 Events Annually: Members gain exclusive access to a vibrant calendar of over 140 events each year. These events cover a wide spectrum of interests including health, wellbeing, finance, the environment, fitness, local and national history, culture, travel, and pertinent topics relevant to older individuals.


  • Varied Event Themes: From seminars on health and wellbeing to workshops on financial planning, the forum caters to diverse interests and concerns of its members. Whether it's exploring the local heritage, delving into national history, or embarking on cultural journeys, there's something for everyone.


  • Expert-led Sessions: Members can expect sessions led by experts in respective fields, ensuring high-quality information and valuable insights. Whether it's a fitness instructor guiding exercise routines or a financial advisor discussing pension options, attendees benefit from credible information and guidance.


  • Community Engagement: The forum serves as a hub for fostering meaningful connections among members. Through shared interests and experiences, individuals can forge new friendships, creating a supportive community network.


  • Empowerment through Education: Members gain access to educational resources and workshops designed to empower them in various aspects of life. Topics such as equity release, pensions, and issues related to the Freedom Pass are addressed, equipping individuals with knowledge to make informed decisions.


  • Information Updates: Upon membership sign-up, individuals receive regular updates and information about upcoming events. This ensures members stay informed and can actively participate in activities that interest them.


  • Inclusive Membership: Membership is open to all individuals over the age of 50, promoting inclusivity and diversity within the forum's community.


Overall, membership of the Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum offers a holistic approach to aging, fostering personal development, social engagement, and empowerment. With a wealth of opportunities for learning, sharing, and connecting, members can thrive and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle in their later years.




135 Notting Hill Gate

Kensington W11 3LB

Tel: 020 3719 4954

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