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Tai Chi Classes

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Our Tai Chi classes take place at 
112 Palace Garden Terrace, W8 4RT
[The Essex Unitarian Church]
at 11 am - 12:15 pm every Friday
Please call 0203 719 4954 if you require further information or to book your attendance


Our coach Christine Jones has assisted with teaching Chen Taijiquan and has taught Taiji and gi gong in a variety of places from Triyoga in London, to a P & O Cruise ship.  In 2008 Chris achieved  Chinese Wushu Association 3rd Duan Wei in the Czech Republic under Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, and in 2016 received a 4th Duan Wei certificate from the Wushu Association of China in Northern Ireland. 

Chris has a 2nd level Coaching and a Judging certificate from the BCCMA, She has also completed additional teacher training, including an NHS recognised course ‘Tai Chi for Rehabilitation and Falls Prevention’. Chris was extremely honoured to become a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang in Chenjiagou, China, in 2013.

Some of the benefits of Tai Chi include:

  • Better mood, with lower levels of depression, stress, and anxiety

  • Greater aerobic capacity and muscle strength

  • More energy and stamina

  • Enhanced flexibility, balance and agility

  • Lower blood pressure and improved heart health

  • Reduced inflammation


Find out more about the benefits of Tai Chi from Harvard Medical School.



Our classes normally take place every Friday from 11:00 am - 12:15 pm. Our classes are great for all ages, but we have worked with the CLCH/Falls Prevention team to refer those individuals who will need a different support to improve their wellbeing.

Christine Jones running a class at the Tai Ji Circle of which she is co-founder


135 Notting Hill Gate

Kensington W11 3LB

Tel: 020 3719 4954

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