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Donate today and help us minimise the impact of Covid-19 on our most vulnerable residents and ensure that isolation doesn’t have to mean coping alone.   We normally hold over 140 events a year in venues throughout the Borough to help alleviate social isolation and to bring information and guidance on health and wellbeing  as well as historical and cultural issues but have had to cancel all meetings due to the pandemic.


The work we do during the pandemic:

We offer guidance and support to both members and the wider community in these difficult times. We have been working with the Council's Housing Management Team and have continued to expand our reach in the Borough. We have been reaching over 400 members on the Chat Line and delivering food packages to over 314 self-isolating residents during the Lockdown. Our services include:

  • Wide range of essential information emailed weekly to all members online

  • A monthly newsletter to both members online and those who are not through the mail, reaching over 1,800 members

  • Distribution of Fact Sheets on self-care and health and wellbeing issues to over 1,800 members both online and through the mail

  • A range of virtual activities and keep fit sessions online

  • Offering online courses given by Harvard University on health and wellbeing to include mental health issues.

  • Our Tai Chi courses was transferred to Zoom

  • Our Mindfulness Courses was transferred to Zoom

  • Zumba Classes on Zoom

  • Free Legal Question & Answer sessions with the Legal Practice on Zoom


Please donate so that we can continue to provide our exceptional services and activities

during these difficult times to some of our most vulnerable residents