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Our free Mindfulness courses have been held at Kensington Palace, the Design Museum, the Central Library and on Zoom

Please telephone us on 0203 719 4954 for the schedule and to enrol

This is a Mindfulness Course which helps reduce stress and depression and enhances physical and mental wellbeing.


Mindfulness is highly recommended by the NHS and renowned institutions such as Cambridge and Oxford Universities and the Harvard Medical School. We have held our Mindfulness courses at various venues throughout the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea including Kensington Palace, the Design Museum, the Central Library and the Chelsea Library and on Zoom during the pandemic.


Our free Mindfulness Course has been funded by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council.

Research has shown that peoples' attention span tends to decline with age. Mindfulness is a proven way to improve the ability to pay attention and to remember. This involves focusing your awareness on sensory stimuli in the present moment while ignoring intrusive thoughts and inner chatter. Research has shown that it helps reverse memory loss.

Massachusetts General Hospital neuroscientist Sara Lazar, Ph.D., has demonstrated that older individuals who practice mindfulness have better preserved cortical regions of the brain. These regions which normally thin with age are responsible for attention, sensory processing, and integrating emotional and cognitive processes. However, the research has proven that these regions regain thickness in people who practice mindfulness regularly. So if you stop meditating daily the brain can deteriorate and revert back to its former state and become thinner and less responsive. 

A further benefit of mindfulness is that it helps reduce stress and anxiety and increases well-being and happiness.

The Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum has been running mindfulness courses since

April 2018. These courses are held by our Mindfulness and Wellbeing Coach Elizabeth

Hooper CThA (pictured right). The courses have involved attending one class per week for

12 weeks, but future courses will involve weekly sessions for a period of 8 weeks. These courses

will train you to practice mindfulness meditation at home which you should do every day to

obtain the best benefits once you have finished the course. Please see below or call us for

more information and to register.


For further information on mindfulness - please click on the links below​​




Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum  Mindfulness Courses

In these courses, you will be learning about Mindfulness and how to make it a part of your everyday life. You will learn a variety of techniques and practices which will help you to reinforce new habits and positive ways of thinking and behaving.

The programme will also include hints and tips on coping with stress and recognizing and managing your emotional triggers. Includes lots of very useful handouts and a CD of recorded meditation.



Organised by: The Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum

Funded by: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Council

Elizabeth Hooper: Mindfulness and Well Being Coach CThA  


Please call us for the 2022 schedule

Contact us on 020 3719 4954 

or email:


"I found the Mindfulness Course absolutely great. It has helped me focus on the moment and removed all the clutter!

I feel wonderful. Thank you for offering this indispensable course"

Anne S


135 Notting Hill Gate

Kensington W11 3LB

Tel: 020 3719 4954

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