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We are excited to announce our new initiative as part of our Art, Culture, and History project: our partnership with the Independent Turner Society to bring awareness of JMW Turner's great genius to our community. This unique project will shine a light on the cultural richness Turner brings into our lives, offering invaluable insight and appreciation for his work. Significantly for us, Turner had lived on Cheyne Walk  in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea for some years.  Your sponsorship of this high-profile project will help make it  a resounding success, promoting the arts and connecting the community.  

The Turner Project is funded by


We will be offering workshops, talks and outings connected with the artist JMW Turner to the older residents of the boroughs of Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. Our mission is to bring awareness of this great artist's genius to the community and thereby to foster stronger connections and relationships by creating a platform that brings together individuals with a  shared passion for arts, culture and heritage.


Imagine a community where every street corner, park, and public space is imbued with the spirit of JMW Turner's artistry. Our vision is to create a transformative project that brings awareness of Turner's remarkable art to our community, turning it into a vibrant tapestry of cultural enrichment.



135 Notting Hill Gate

Kensington W11 3LB

Tel: 020 3719 4954

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