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The Senior Health and Wellbeing website has been developed by the Kensington and Chelsea Over 50s Forum. Its aim is to help older people find solutions to their health problems and health care. Being a senior can be a rewarding experience but it can also come with many age-related problems such as bereavement, mobility restrictions, cognitive decline, aches and pains, illnesses and depression. 


Do you feel tired or are you generally under the weather? Have you developed a specific problem such as a pain in the back, a rash or a persistent headache? Rather than rushing to your GP, first try the Symptom Checker - the One the Doctors Use by Isabel Health Care. This is a brilliant, highly sophisticated medical diagnostic website used by doctors themselves and now available to the public. Go to our Senior Health and Wellbeing website to access it.

The Senior Health and Wellbeing website also contains a number of online tests used to improve your mental function, test your hearing and rate the age of your brain. Check it out!

Try the Brain Workout in the video below!

How to prevent cognitive decline:


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